Milan’s Bosco verticale among world’s top 5 skyscrapers

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Milan’s Bosco verticale among world’s top 5 skyscrapers

The International Highrise Award is given by the City of Frankfurt to honour structures that combine exemplary sustainability, external shape and internal spatial quality, as well as social aspects, to create a model design. This year the city of Milan is represented in the shortlist of finalists by Bosco verticale.

Bosco verticale is residential development located close to the Porta Garibaldi train station in the city’s Porta Nuovo area, completed as a signature redevelopment as part of the city’s preparations for the world EXPO 2015, which will be held in the city next year.

The towers were designed by Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca and Giovanni La Varra started in 2007 and construction is on going. The two towers have a height of 119 and 87 metres and are correlated with the policies for reforestation and naturalization of the large urban and metropolitan borders (Metrosbosco) of the city of Milan. Metrobosco and Bosco

Verticale are devices for the environmental survival of contemporary European cities. Together they create two modes of building links between nature and city within the territory and within the cities of contemporary Europe.

With over 900 trees installed on terraces on the towers, there is over 10,000 square metres of forest. The plants serve to filter dust, pollen and pollution form the environment surrounding the towers, they act as sun shields in the summer months and weather shields in the winter, thus reducing heating and air conditioning costs. The building is equipped with Aeolian and photovoltaic energy systems and the trees will be watered by grey water produced by the tower.

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