Palazzo Papadopoli: a luxory resort for Clooney's wedding

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Palazzo Papadopoli: a luxory resort for Clooney's wedding

After months of anticipation, George Clooney, tie the knot with Amal Alamuddin in a gorgeous ceremony in Venice, Italy.

But first, the Oscar-winner, 53, and the lawyer, celebrated with friends and family at the Aman Canal Grande Venice Hotel, one of the most luxurious and iconic hotels in all of Venice, though hotel staff have done what they could to give guests privacy, including drawing curtains and making it so that onlookers can't see through the windows.

The hotel is housed by the Palazzo Papadopoli, which was built in the 16th century, according to the resort's website. Michelangelo Guggenheim was entrusted with the design of the internal decoration of the "piano nobile – the main living area of the palazzo."

"Guggenheim was a leading exponent of the Neo-Renaissance and Rococo styles, and he reinvented the space, turning the palazzo into one of the most significant examples of these styles in Venice," the site boasts. "The palazzo was reimagined as the perfect home for entertaining, with access from the side canal for all services and deliveries."

In the 19th century, the hotel was used to entertain only the elite in Venice.

"Guests usually arrive at Aman Canal Grande Venice by boat, docking at a landing that leads directly into the palazzo’s Reception Hall. With its soaring ceilings and historic frescos and reliefs, the hall provides a sense of bygone luxury, as well as direct access to the hotel’s private gardens," the site continues.

In addition, there's even a roof-top that is "known as the ‘Altana’ and accessed via stairs and a lift, Aman Canal Grande Venice’s roof terrace is intimate in scale and offers panoramic views of the city’s rooftops. On a clear day, the Alps are visible in the distance."

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