Milan EXPO 2015:

Start from Milan Expo 2015 and discover Italy through the 5 Italian Senses

In 2015 Milan will be the venue of EXPO: the universal exhibition whose object will be “feeding the planet, energy for life.

From May 1st – till October 31st Milan will be the showcase of MADE IN ITALY and of the best of ITALIAN LUXURY BRANDS

20 million people will be in Milan during the six months of expo, visiting its pavilion and living the so-called “Fuori Expo a rich calendar of events taking place here daily.

Milan will be the starting point to visit its surrounding and Italy too, its wonderful places and sites: the cultural and artistic cities, the lakes, the sea, the mountains, the countryside...

That’s why Italy Destination your personal DMC in Italy, has created ad hoc itineraries, the EXPO INCOMING PACK leaving from Milan, to experience the best of Made in Italy through the five senses.

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Images, curiosities and a lot of news about Expo Click here to discover more about Expo
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