First day

Luxury Hotel and unusual activity

Arrival to Verdura Golf & Spa Resort in Sciacca, located on the south coast of Sicily near the seaside town of Sciacca. The resort is set over 230 hectares of stunning landscape with 1.8 km of private coastline, yet has just 203 rooms and suites, giving a true sense of space and privacy. Sciacca is famous for its Carneval, the most acient of  Sicily, and it had developed the tradition of papier-mache and ceramic art. During the day the guests will be brought to the Museum of Carnival and, under the guidance of some talented craftsmen, guests will perform all phases of manufacturing traditional ceramics. In the late afternoon the guests can savor a really traditional Italian wine through enology program in Cantina dell’Ulmo di Sambuco, a point of reference for the Sicilian wine. Dinner and overnight at Verdura Golf & Spa Resort.

First day

Adrenaline in a race car competition

The group is divided into teams and each of one will compete in a race car at the Circuit of the Temples in Racalmuto. The activity consists in driving along routes with a lot of obstacles on board of a real race car, driven by experienced driver-instructors. After the challenge the guests will receive their awards. The second activity is devoted to the culture through a treasure hunt in the Kolymbetra  garden, in the Valley of the Temples. Exclusive dinner at Chiaramontano Castle of Siculiana, a true monument of art of the fourteenth century. Here the guests will receive their award about challenges made in these days. Overnight at Verdura Golf & Spa Resort.

First day

Departure and Vip gate

Departure with deluxe buses to the airport. Assistance during check-in. Private lounge and fast tracking for Vip Guests.

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