Bormio A White Paradise

First day

Relax in the young & old spa

Arrival to Bagni Nuovi Grand Hotel, a luxury hotel founded in 1836 and situated in the heart of the National Park Stelvio. Remise en forme program in Bagni Nuovi  and Bagni Vecchi SPA where  guests will enjoy all the beneficial effects of the hot springs and the health-giving properties of the water of Bormio.

Spa in the mountain

The SPA includes baths with hydro-massage, Turkish baths, rooms for relaxation with panoramic views, music therapy, aromatherapy, high intensity waterfalls, hydrojets and  ice cascades. And at Bagni Vecchi there are two unique peculiarities-the outdoor panoramic pool and a sort of a natural sauna (Grotta suddatoria) that leads to the thermal springs right in the heart of the mountain.

Gourmand dinner in the heart of the mountains.

Overnight at Bagni Nuovi Hotel.

First day

White photo contest

Stelvio National Park is the largest not only among the historical Italian parks, but also in the whole alpine chain. Majestic ridges, luxuriant forests, high mountain green grasslands crossed by foaming streams springing from perennial glaciers form the landscape of the Park. Many rare animals and plant species live in this wide ecosystem present in the territory, thanks to its remarkable differences in height and to its morphological variety.

Trekking on the snow

The guests will try a delightful snowshoe walking experience through the woods of the Stelvio National Park, led by Alpine Guides. These activities concerns those who want to get in touch with the wintry wilderness of the snowy forests, being able to walk over the snow using this old-fashioned gear; the snowshoes.

During this marvelous trip the guests will be divided in groups, each of which has to create a photo section related to the Stelvio. A jury will observe the works and the winners will be announced at the end of the day. The best way to end  the day is to relax in the hot thermal waters of Bagni di Bormio.

Typical dinner in an old barn of the seventeenth century where guests can taste dishes of the tradition of Valtellina area.

Overnight at Bagni Nuovi Hotel.

First day

Departure & vip gate

Departure with deluxe buses to the airport. Assistance during check-in. Private lounge and fast tracking for VIP Guests.

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