Into The Wine

First day

Discover the wine spell

Arrival to the “Le Tre Vaselle” Hotel, a century building rising within the medieval walls of Torgiano, a peaceful village set in the heart of the Umbrian countryside.

Wine therapy

Relax in the Spa of the Hotel and experience the marvelous  Wine Therapy where grapes and wine offer new formulas for relaxation and well-being.

Guided tour to the Baglioni Palace, emblem of the city and its majesty shows the power of this medieval castle. Transfer and visit the Wine Museum, considered one of the world’s finest private museums. Wine Tasting in the winery and gourmand dinner.

Overnight at Le Tre Vaselle Hotel.

First day

Wine game

Transfer and visit the village of Montefalco and its famous wineries that have made the Umbrian Sagrantino, the best wine in the world.

Participants, will be divided into teams and involved in a wine tasting / lesson where they will enjoy, take notes and express opinions. The experiential part will end with a very funny "wine game" between puzzles and skill tests about the "nectar of the Gods"!

After the wine world transfer to Trevi, considered the home of the oil, visit the oil mills where it’s produced the best Umbro DOP oil.
Exclusive dinner  in Perugia’s Castle in a fantastic restaurant called “Turandot”, located inside the  Oscano Castle, immersed in the quiet tranquil hills of Umbria, with its special atmosphere of art and culture.

Overnight at Le Tre Vaselle Hotel.

First day

Departure & vip gate

Departure with deluxe buses to the airport. Assistance during check-in. Private lounge and fast tracking for Vip Guests.

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