Luxury, Adventure, Relax In A Single Word: Sestriere

First day

Relax, ski & chalet

Arrival  to Pragelato Village Resort located on a wonderful tableland at 1,500 meters  altitude and directly connected to Via Lattea ski area. The structure represents one of the most modern and elegant luxury choices of  the Piedmontese mountains and of the whole Alpine region.  You can relax in the Pragelato Village Wellness Centre, one of the most attractive of the Italian tourist scene. Here guests will enjoy treatments such as lymphodrainage, pelotherapy and chocolate massages, before the exciting experience with the snowmobile to get to the Chisonetto baita, located on the top of the mountain where they will taste all the specialties of the culinary tradition of Piedmont.

Overnight at Pragelato Village Resort.

First day

Igloo builder

Groups are divided into teams each of which has to build an igloo and at the end of the day, the best work will be awarded by a jury. After the contest the guests can warm up by drinking a hot vin brule (mulled wine) and rich cakes in a typical baita.

Medieval dinner inside the Fenestrelle fort

The biggest fort in Europe, called also the Great Wall of Piedmont

Overnight at Pragelato Village Resort.

First day

Departure & vip gate

Departure with deluxe buses to the airport.  Assistance during check-in.  Private lounge and fast tracking for VIP Guests.

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