Maranello: Drive A Powerful Emotion

First day

The legend of the “Cavallino rampante”

Arrival to I Portici Hotel, located in the old city center of Bologna, is an elegant superbly restored building dating back to the end of the nineteenth century.

A unique and individually created journey from Bologna to Maranello, the city of the Ferrari, to experience the Italian Way of Life: drive one of the latest models of Ferrari like Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti F1, Ferrari California, Ferrari F430 Spider, Ferrari 430 scuderia F1 and many other models.

Private visit to the Ferrari Gallery, a museum which tells the Ferrari fans the history of the firm, through an exhibition of images, historic souvenirs, vintage cars and F1 single seaters. External visit to the Ferrari establishment, the Wind tunnel, used in aerodynamic research, but also to the Racing Circuit of Fiorano, built at the request of Enzo Ferrari, which is used to test the racing cars and to train the pilots.

Medieval dinner in the castle

Dinner at Palazzo De’Rossi, built  beyond the walls of Bologna by the banks of the river Reno, is a splendid  castle dated back to medieval times where past traditions are brought to life and are harmoniously blended with a contemporary lifestyle.

Overnight at I Portici Hotel.

First day

The capital of engines

Private visit to the Enzo Ferrari House, created to enhance and promote the image and work of Enzo Ferrari, founder of the prestigious car from Modena and to spread the knowledge of the historical and technological developments of the sports car.

Guided tour through the street of the ancient town of Modena, best known as “the capital of engines”, since the factory of the famous Italian sports car makers Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini are located here.

Lunch in typical Locanda with regional tasting of food and wine.

Adrenalinic dinner at Ferrari Museum

Gala dinner between the most popular models of Ferrari.

Overnight at I Portici Hotel.

First day

Departure & vip gate

Departure with deluxe buses to the airport. Assistance during check-in. Private lounge and fast tracking for Vip Guests.

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