Milan: Hunting Art

First day

Walking on castle laces

Arrival at Star Hotel Rosa just renovated and walking distance from Duomo and Royal Palace.

Sforzesco Castle by night

Cocktail in the historical room of one of the most famous monuments in Milan located in the green of the Sempione Park. Take a walk along the battlements of the castle and the underground city and secret bunker and streets.

Dinner in art

Exclusive Evenings at the Museum of the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro. The multifunctional spaces can be fitted out to suit a wide range of private or corporate events

Overnight at Star Hotel Rosa.

First day

Hunting art

Guest will discover the intricate and fascinating story, full of secrets and surprises, about one of the many great Italian artists: Leonardo da Vinci, Bernini, Caravaggio, etc., as true investigative archaeologists in the city where the Master has left its mark ... Suspense and thrills for a format in the style of “Indiana Jones“. 

Private party in a Renaissance villa

The magical frame of the night at Villa San Carlo Borromeo: the icon of the second Renaissance, the Palace of Cultural and Art Tourism, the intellectual, entrepreneurial and financial salon of Milan, the headquarters of the Second Renaissance International University.

Overnight at Star Hotel Rosa.

First day

Departure & Vip gate

Departure with deluxe buses to the airport. Assistance during check-in and private lounge and fast track for Vip Guests.

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