Naples: A Deep Experience

First day

Musical notes

Arrival in Naples and transfer to the The Grand Hotel Santa Lucia, located in the heart of Naples, in front of the ancient Borgo Marinari, at the feet of the historic Castel dell'Ovo. It has been a desirable destination for artists and actors from all around the world since the beginning of the XX Century.

Exclusive cocktail at San Carlo theatre, the oldest working theatre in Europe (41 years older than Milano's Scala and 51 years older than Venice's Fenice). Built in 1737 by King Charles of Bourbon, who wished to give his city a new theatre to symbolize the royal power.

After the cocktail, the guests will enjoy one of the most important operatic masterpieces (Mozart, Verdi, Puccini).

Overnight at Grand Hotel Santa Lucia.

First day

A deep culinary experience

Travel back in time, 2400 years ago, exploring  Naples Underground  at  Forty meters below the lively streets of the Historic Center of Naples.

Naples underground is a different world, unexplored, isolated by time, but deeply connected with the world above.

In the ruins of the Roman theater, guests will try to make the real pizza napoletana, with the help of experts who prepare hot pizzas by involving the participants and revealing the secrets  of the best Italian dishes.

Gala dinner at Egg Castle located in one of the many beautiful areas of the city, it is fascinating not only because of the historical memory it evokes but also for its particular natural beauty.
From the terraces of the Castle, guests can enjoy a breathtaking view of the coast, with a unique panorama of the city.
Overnight at Grand Hotel Santa Lucia.

First day

Departure & Vip Gate

Departure with deluxe buses to the airport. Assistance during check-in. Private lounge and fast tracking  for Vip Guests.

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