Orienteering On The Volcano

First day

Etna experience: the burning volcano

Arrival to Hotel Etna Golf resort & Spa, a marvelous hotel located on the north eastern slope of Mt. Etna, to southwest of Taormina. This hotel offers to the guests, outstanding services such as a spa and then a golf clinic, with an 18 hole golf course that winds round the hotel.
Briefing with a skilled volcanologist, which will explain to the guests the activity of the next day on the top of Etna, where they can also take photographs of the breathtaking landscape.
Typical Sicilian lunch in a refuge at the foot of the volcano.
Golf clinic in a natural amphitheatre on the northern hill of the mountain, inside Etna park.
Dinner at the La dispensa dell’Etna restaurant, a unique place in the heart of medieval country Castiglione di Sicilia, which offers a careful research and selection of the best traditions of food and wine.
Overnight at Hotel Etna Golf resort & Spa.

First day

Journey to the center of the earth

Etna discovery
Orienteering in a jeep, discovering the unpolluted nature of one of the most wild Volcanoes in Italy, under the guidance of an experienced geologist volcanologist. An amazing experience to see a breathtaking landscape made of lava flows, which form abstracted figures on fields and woods. During the excursion the guests will have lunch in a chalet on the road.
Dinner on the sea in the magnificent terrace of the hotel.
Overnight at Hotel Etna Golf Resort & Spa.

First day

Tour through the story of Taormina

Arrival to the Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay Taormina, a splendid hotel located in Taormina built on a cliff, dropping down to the sea, where relaxation is the order of the day.
The Greek Theatre
Visit with a guide, the beautiful city of Taormina, a small town on the east coast of the island of Sicily, perched on a cliff overlooking the Ionian see. The Ancient Theatre is the most remarkable monument of roman times remaining today at Taormina, with a notable preservation and a surpassing beauty.
Sicilian dinner on terrace
Sicilian dinner right by the sea, on the wonderful terrace of the restaurant Ippocampo in the Grand Hotel, which offers  the guests an unforgettable experience for all the senses, with a top-quality kitchen in a spectacular setting.
Overnight at Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay Taormina.

First day

Departure & vip gate

Departure with deluxe buses to the airport. Assistance during check-in. Private lounge and fast tracking for Vip Guests.

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