Rome: A Fashion Scoop!

First day

Rome Castle's Tour


Arrival in Rome and transfer to the 5 star Hotel Intercontinental De La Ville, in the heart of the city nerly of the monuments, in particular is a short walk from Spain Square and Trevi’s Fountain.
In the afternoon you can treat yourselves to a leisurely day in Rome's quiet countryside, on a private guided typical italian Volkswagen bus to the Roman hill towns, the Castelli Romani (in Frascati, a place near the city center of Rome). The Volkswagen buses were the best transport in the New Age years, in perfect style “Hippie” and also nowadays are an alternative means of transportation and of course an important symbol of Italian fashion. It’s an alternative excursion that allows you to see a very special part of Roma and spent a great time together your friends or colleagues. During the trip you’ll can see a magnificent verdant roman landscape, Nemi (small village among in the hills), his particular volcanic lake and Castel Gandolfo, the place where the Pope take an audience in summer months. 
Private lunch in a typical Locanda
Lunch will be arranged for you in a typical Locanda. At the end of the tour the transfer buses will take you back to the Hotel.
Private cocktail and dinner at fashion Restaurant of the Hotel
You’ll can savor a cocktail and a dinner at the hotel and have enjoy in its beautiful terrace on the sixth floor of the hotel were you’ll can see an incomparable view of the city and its monuments. 
Overnight at Hotel Intercontinental De La Ville.
First day

Paparazzi Game



The roman magnificent monuments with a click
Paparazzi Game is an opportunity to visit the most interesting zones of the City for fashion and culture, through funny activities which strengthen the sense of being part of a group and  sharing goals and victories. You’ll can see and photograph monuments and views in perfect “paparazzo” style!
After the lunch the guests will receive a 60ies-styled newspaper, on which we will print all the scoops shot during the game. This will be the souvenir gift for each participant.
Lunch in one of the most beautiful terrace of Rome
After the game you’ll can relish the lunch in a wonderful terrace with the roof garden in the city center of Rome.
Star visit in Cinecittà Studios
Cinecittà is the Dream Factory where the movies born, it’s the most important place in Itlay where actors and designers work and will create the main beautiful Italian films and not. You’ll can visit Cinecittà Studios (in group of 10 people) and will see Cinecittà’s museum with scenes, costumes and sets of some important films. It’s a special journey through sets like Acient Rome, Medieval Florence and Brodway set.
Charming Private dinner at Orsini Castle
You’ll can visit Orsini Castle (in Nerola) and have a dinner in one of the best its room. This place will offer to you a relax sensation, is a very particular location for those who cherish beauty and love peace and magnificent view.
At the end of the dinner the deluxe buses will take you bach at Hotel Intercontinental De La Ville.
First day

Departure and Vip Gate

Departure with deluxe bus to the airport. Assistance during check-in. Private lounge and fast tracking for Vip Guests.

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