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First day

Etna experience and a magic cocktail


Arrival to Villa Carlotta**** in Taormina, a really enchanted place where luxury blends with tradition. The hotel is situated in the most panoramic and peaceful area of town with stunning views across the sea and Mount Etna, yet close to the lively pedestrian area of Taormina, just a few minutes away.
After accommodation guests will be accompanied with pick-up or minibus at the foot of the volcano Mount Etna. Etna is the most majestic active volcano in Europe: all around the craters, the lava flows confirming the ceaseless activity of the volcano. 
Guests will have the chance to do trekking over the volcano watching caves that were formed due to the flow of lava and the Alcantara gorges, high walls of unrepeatable geometric perfection. They will be led by an expert team of volcanologists.
Magic Cocktail immersed in a acient theatre of Taormina, one of the most celebrated ruins in Sicily, on account both of its remarkable preservation and of the surpassing beauty of its situation.
Dinner at outstanding roof top terrace of Villa Carlotta where guests can taste a traditional Sicilian and Italian cuisine, prepared  with the best organic local products and a well-stocked wine list.
Overnight at Villa Carlotta.
First day

Historical train tour


Guests can live a really historical trip with a typical Sicilian train. The journey start in Catania and stop in Palermo, it spend about three hour and half where guests can see a Sicilian landscape through Caltanissetta. In Palermo guests will visit the city center, Palermo’s cathedral and its popular markets. In the evening they come back to Villa Carlotta in Taormina.
Dinner at Granduca Restaurant , a beautiful villa built in 1400 where guests can savor a typical Italian dishes and taste a good Sicilian wine.
Overnight at Villa Carlotta.
First day

Departure and Vip Gate

Departure with deluxe buses to the airport. Assistance during check-in. Private lounge and fast tracking for VIP Guests.

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