Festivals and events in italy, related to every context: art, culture, music, food, sport.
For your business group we can organize "the event in the event" with special VIP treatment.

Current Events & Festivals

Past Events & Festivals

  • Taormina Film Festival

    Taormina Film Festival

    From June 01st to June 30th 2013

    Enjoy the Film Festival of Taormina from a privileged position and have lunch on a private yacht during a tour through the Eolie Islands

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  • Venice Biennale is here!

    Venice Biennale is here!

    From June 01st to November 24th 2013

    International Exhibition for art lovers.

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  • Palio of the Four Ancient Maritime Republics

    Palio of the Four Ancient Maritime Republics

    From June 02nd to June 02nd 2013

    Sitting on a deluxe motorboat to watch the yearly boat race between the four Italian Maritime Republics.

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  • Historic Soccer in Florence

    Historic Soccer in Florence

    From June 15th to July 15th 2013

    Be involved in a unique colorful atmoshere

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  • Opera in Verona

    Opera in Verona

    From June 22nd to September 02nd 2013

    Take part in the Shakespearian drama “Romeo&Juliet” through the streets of Verona with actors in costume and enjoy the Opera from your “poltronissima” 

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  • Sales!


    From July 01st to August 31st 2013

    Discover the best Italian fashion brands with your own personal shopper, in the heart of the Italian textiles.

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  • Palio di Siena

    Palio di Siena

    From July 02nd to July 02nd 2013

    Enjoy the Palio of Siena from a privileged position, meet and have lunch with your favourite Contrada Man.

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  • MotoGp Grand Prix

    MotoGp Grand Prix

    From July 14th to July 14th 2013

    Enjoy the MotoGp with your favourite pilots from a privileged position in the Hospitality Vip Village.

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  • Festa del Redentore in Venice

    Festa del Redentore in Venice

    From July 20th to July 21st 2013

    Sitting on a luxury and exclusive boat to watch the regatta, one of the most ancient popular Venetian feasts.

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  • The Quintana Carousel

    The Quintana Carousel

    From September 01st to September 16th 2013

    Sitting on a private grandstand to watch the Quintana Carousel and enjoy a baroque gala dinner in an historic palace to live again the Medieval spirit.

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