Festivals and events in italy, related to every context: art, culture, music, food, sport.
For your business group we can organize "the event in the event" with special VIP treatment.

Current Events & Festivals

Past Events & Festivals

  • Taormina Film Festival

    Taormina Film Festival

    From June 01st to June 30th 2013

    Enjoy the Film Festival of Taormina from a privileged position and have lunch on a private yacht during a tour through the Eolie Islands

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  • Venice Biennale is here!

    Venice Biennale is here!

    From June 01st to November 24th 2013

    International Exhibition for art lovers.

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  • Palio of the Four Ancient Maritime Republics

    Palio of the Four Ancient Maritime Republics

    From June 02nd to June 02nd 2013

    Sitting on a deluxe motorboat to watch the yearly boat race between the four Italian Maritime Republics.

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  • Historic Soccer in Florence

    Historic Soccer in Florence

    From June 15th to July 15th 2013

    Be involved in a unique colorful atmoshere

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  • Opera in Verona

    Opera in Verona

    From June 22nd to September 02nd 2013

    Take part in the Shakespearian drama “Romeo&Juliet” through the streets of Verona with actors in costume and enjoy the Opera from your “poltronissima” 

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  • Sales!


    From July 01st to August 31st 2013

    Discover the best Italian fashion brands with your own personal shopper, in the heart of the Italian textiles.

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  • Palio di Siena

    Palio di Siena

    From July 02nd to July 02nd 2013

    Enjoy the Palio of Siena from a privileged position, meet and have lunch with your favourite Contrada Man.

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  • MotoGp Grand Prix

    MotoGp Grand Prix

    From July 14th to July 14th 2013

    Enjoy the MotoGp with your favourite pilots from a privileged position in the Hospitality Vip Village.

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  • Festa del Redentore in Venice

    Festa del Redentore in Venice

    From July 20th to July 21st 2013

    Sitting on a luxury and exclusive boat to watch the regatta, one of the most ancient popular Venetian feasts.

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  • Historical Regatta in Venice

    Historical Regatta in Venice

    From September 01st to September 01st 2013

    Important regatta revival taking place in the canals of Venice on the first Sunday of September. The Historical Regatta is one of the most spectacular, colourful, picturesque and moving events of Venetian life.

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