Teambuilding - Adrenaline

Ferrari Challenge!

ferrariThe guests will have the unique opportunity of driving the full range of latest Ferrari models being produced in Maranello. They would be able to personally drive Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari California, Ferrari F430 Spider and Coupé, Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano: 5 different Ferrari models at the guests' disposal for a whole day along the most exciting roads of Italy.

Duration: from half a day to 1 day
Participants: from 20 to 100
Location: everywhere outdoor

Rafting: the thrill of a ride on the water!

rafting Follow together the course of a river, addressing the difficulties that nature imposes on our crossing with a spirit of adventure and determination. An exciting activity for everyone that does not require special skills or training to address immediately the rapids of the river with every precaution of safety. The recipe for this team building? Nature, speed, dynamism and unpredictability!

Duration: from 1 day to 2/3 days
Participants: from 12 to 100
Location: fluvial areas

Sailing: conquering the waves!

sailing Why not to transform a shipping experience into an engaging and exciting team building? Braving the sea, participants can try the living, the needing to coordinate everybody’s efforts to advance, the implementation of strategies and tactics to find the right route to the final race: the most important and exciting competition time!

Duration: from half a day to more days
Participants: from 10 to 100
Location: sea or lake

Raft Challenge: dare like Robinson Crusoe!

raft challenge A wise use of available resources, intelligence and imagination are main "ingredients" of this format where participants will find themselves as true survivors having to build a raft with makeshift materials and to achieve the final goal in an exciting competition between teams.

Duration: from half a day to 1 day
Participants: from 20 to 200
Location: lake, river, sea

Fast Drive: adrenaline on the racetrack!

kart An activity where the adrenaline enhances the ability of the pilot: on appropriate circuits, alias safe, participants will experience the thrill of sports riding on a car or a kart, learning to evaluate and resolve the “unexpected“. Challenge, fun and teamwork for a unique experience in motorsport!

Duration: from half a day to 1 day
Participants: from 10 to X (in according to the racetrack dimensions)
Location: racetrack

Offroad: four-wheel excitement!

offroad An "offroad" adventure, driving powerful "4WD" vehicles. To experience a steep path and to reach the final destination, crews will face plenty of test that the combination of roads and nature inevitably arises. An exciting race where the real victory is beyond their limits!

Duration: from half a day to 1 and more days
Participants: from 10 to X (in according to the availability of cars)
Location: into the nature

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