Teambuilding - Enogastronomic

Team Cocktail: convivial and stimulating experience!

Team CocktailParticipants, divided into teams, under the guidance of professional bartenders and coaches will learn to mix drinks and long drinks and to create fanciful decorations “cocktail bar style”, in a competitive race where each team must demonstrate creative ability. A fun team building that gives a formative value to the time of the aperitif.

Duration: 2/3 hours
Participants: from 20 to 100
Location: everywhere

Sommelier for a Day: a heady experience!

Sommelier for a Day A very friendly and extremely interesting and engaging team building. Participants, divided into teams, will be involved in a wine tasting / lesson where they will enjoy, take notes and express opinions. The experiential part will end with a very funny "wine game" between puzzles and skill tests about the "nectar of the Gods"!

Duration: 3/4 hours
Participants: from 20 to 300
Location: everywhere. Preferably into a winery.

The Chocolate Factory: the sweetest experience!

The Chocolate Factory Who has not dreamed at least once in their life to make pastry and "play" with the chocolate in all its forms? This team building turns a dream into reality: each team will be a small "chocolate factory": just like true chocolatiers, participants will realize amazing creations in attractive packaging for "gluttonous" competition!

Duration: 3/4 hours
Participants: from 20 to 200
Location: everywhere

Team Cooking: make the special Italian Pasta!

Team Cooking Academia Barilla is the first international center dedicated to the development and promotion of Italian Gastronomic Culture in Parma. A kitchen challenge is both fun and educational. Each team is required to prepare a variety of dishes of the famous Italian handmade pasta. In order to accomplish this goal, they will have to divide the work based on each team member’s skills and ability.

Duration: 3/4 hours
Participants: from 20 to 100
Location: venue with a kitchen
Top Location: Accademia Barilla

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